In a homeschooling environment, learning happens with an ebb and flow.

Four young children looking at an ocean view

There are going to be a lot of new homeschooling families this fall. Not just suddenly-schooling-at-home, distance-learning families, but brand-new officially-doing-this-homeschool-thing families. Thousands of people making the same decision my husband and I made way back when our firstborn was a baby.

It’s easier now. The support networks are robust…

How Tolkien’s personal letters have influenced my writing practice

I’m an ink-and-paper addict, and I thought I was already documenting every possible piece of my life in my various notebooks and planners. I keep a detailed daily task list; I write morning pages and poetry; I keep a Lynda Barry-inspired notebook for sketches, quotes, and “Ten Things I Saw…

It took morning pages and poetry prompts to unstick me from a seriously stuck place

Two years ago, I was in trouble. I had breast cancer. I had a book due. I had to move my family from San Diego to Portland.

Writing it like that, it sounds pretty dramatic. It felt dramatic at the time! The cancer was an early catch, so (long story…

This simple, visual three-column system helped me keep track of all the edits I needed to make, big and small.

A few days ago, I turned in the revision of my latest middle-grade novel. My awesome editor at Knopf had given me notes on a few things she wanted me to focus on in this pass—fleshing out a couple of characters or relationships; deepening a primary theme; adding more setting…

It took me a year of baby steps, but my phone works for me now.

Something unprecedented happened to me yesterday.

I didn’t even think about opening Facebook until 12:35pm. Or Twitter.

Like so many others, I read Cal Newport’s Digital Minimalism recently and it has dramatically changed the way I use the internet. But my shift toward a more intentional use of my phone…

Melissa Wiley

Author of The Nerviest Girl in the World & other books for kids. Insatiable reader, tidal homeschooler, obsessed stitcher.

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